About me

As a Visual artist, I love capturing the everyday moments that tell a story. I’m inspired by the unpredictability of life and capturing this in an honest way sparks my curiosity. Growing up in India has given me a great appreciation for the diversity of people; their beliefs, customs and ways of life. Understanding the diversity of the world and sharing it through images is what drives me.

The hum of the streets, the awesomeness of nature, the intrigue of travel, the knowing in a person’s face, these are the elements that inspire me in my work. Mostly, I like things as they are and this natural and simple style is always reflected in my images. I’m also a bold and creative thinker and I have a knack for ideas and strategy.

The languages i speak are English and Hindi and if there is a story you want told through images, you know where to find me.

Questions I'm asked most often

Where are you from?

I was born in New Delhi, India where i did my schooling. I attended Buckingham University in the UK before returning to Delhi to join the family business. After working for more than 20 yrs in the family business, and starting my own sports academy for children, i moved to Sydney, Australia to study photography . I spend most of my time in Sydney but travel back to India and Asia often.

Did you always want to be become a photographer?

I didn't want to be in front of the camera and hated my photos being taken. That meant i was the one with the camera on every family holiday. I loved the excitement of coming back from a holiday and getting the films developed. I knew i loved taking photos but to do it full time came at a much later stage in my life.

Apart from photography, what are your other interests?

Anything that is creative interests me such as art and music. I grew up in the 80's and love the music from that era. Deconstructing and constructing things fascinates me. i love finding out how and why things work . I love experimenting , even with photography, i love trying new things.

What genres of photography do you like?

I'm game for any genre. Like i said, i love trying different things. what i shoot most often is street, travel and portraits but till i don't try something, i wont know if i like it or dislike it.

Where to from here?

I'll go wherever i find an opportunity. I love travelling, i love helping others, i love telling storied through my photos. Im happy to work with you, be it on a fashion shoot or a food shoot but I would like to do some volunteering work for NGO's around the world and tell their incredible stories through photos at some point in my life.

Whats your philosophy in life?

Be who you want to be . Not someone who your'e expected to be. If people don't understand you, thats their problem, not yours. Create your own path and stop following blindly. Tell your story your way. Don't judge people because everyone has their own story.

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